The Guru is not the architect that collects raw stones to carve an idol out of it. He is that architect who uses these stones to create a replica of Himself. The Guru makes the disciple an expression of his own self, his “abhivyakti”. In the Hindi dictionary, the word “abhivyakti” means to emerge and to enlighten. Every disciple yearns to become the manifestation of his Guru and give effect to the deeds that the Guru desires of him.

When the Guru imparts Gyan diksha (initiation into the Divine Knowledge) to the disciple, right at that instant, He subtly assumes a place inside of that disciple. Yet, the manifestation of the disciple is not complete at this point. He cannot be called as the “abhivyakti” (reflection) of the Guru at this stage. This is because such a manifestation cannot be done by pretending or merely copying the Guru.

History is a testament to the fact that whoever has tried to become a manifestation of the Guru through external expression or copying, has suffered. Not just suffered, but their life has seen a miserable end! As a matter of fact, one can become a manifestation or reflection of the Guru with the Guru’s grace only. A disciple must first prepare his inner being in such a manner that the Guru Himself gets seated there willingly. Once this happens, the disciple no longer remains a disciple. He becomes an expression, a manifestation, the “abhivyakti” of the Guru Himself. We all want to become such a manifestation of our Guru.